Top 5 Tech Advancements Changing the Face of Education

In this article by Alex Summers, posted on Edudemic, there is a list of the top 5 technological advancements that can help teachers reach their students. Technology has become a huge part of our everyday lives and it is almost becoming the only way to engage students. The top 5 tech advancements changing the face of education are as follows:

5. Social Media

Since social networks are such a big part of students’ lives, they are an easy thing to integrate into learning in order to engage students. Teachers say using social networks such as twitter and facebook in their classroom has resulted in an increase of class participation and higher grades.

4.Online Classrooms

Online classrooms have been able to allow thousands of people to earn the college degree they desire on their own time, making their learning experience far less stressful.


Tablets offer students the ability to search for information quickly and to collaborate on projects easily. They are a fundamental tool to have in all classrooms.


Cell phoones in the classroom was a strict no-no for me in highschool, but now cell phones are “smart”. They allow access to social media platforms, allowing students to interact, and provide easy access to information. They also have numerous apps that can help students manage their time and complete more efficient schedules to manage their work.

1.Free Online Resources

Being able to access educational information easily online has been one of the biggest advancements in education. Students can access any subject matter on any subject they choose very easily, bettering a students learning experience and allowing students to supplement their own educations.


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  1. Kim, great blog post! I think number one definitely deserves it’s top spot. If free online resources were not an option, it would be almost impossible for students to write papers. Also, online classes is important as well. Not everybody has time to be enrolled in college, especially for those with families. Online classes gives these people a great opportunity to still get their degree! Thanks for sharing!

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