E.N.G 30.7 Radio Show!

Today my group members and I put our finishing touches on our “radio show” project! Our radio show, E.N.G. 30.7, is a futuristic, fun, morning show held on the moon! We had a lot of fun putting this show together! Using GarageBand as our tool for recording we learned many different ways to record our voices, add effects, add music, and then switch everything around when it didn’t come out the way we though it would. Creating this radio show started off as no easy task.  

When my group members and I met for the first time we had no idea what to do for this project. Fortunately, we all got along really well and were able to bounce ideas off one another until something stuck, that something being: THE FUTURE.  We wanted to make a futuristic radio show so that we could use our imaginations and create a whole new world that doesn’t exist yet. We had so much fun creating this world that takes place in the year 2113. 

In our show, E.N.G 30.7, we talk about the grand opening of a new hotel on the moon! The hotel features: moon crater pools, anti-gravity rec rooms, a jet pack racetrack, restaurants and bars and much much more! We hosted interviews with anxiously awaiting guests of the hotel and even the robot servants! During our show we also hosting trivia and contests. However, as weird as it may be, my favorite part of our show is the commercials! Although they are super corny we had a blast making them!

 Fortunately for my group we hardly had any struggles! Although, at first we were slow with coming up with ideas and piecing everything together we eventually got the hang of it and were able to make it really fun! We were all able to make time in our busy college lives to meet up and work hard on our project, making it as perfect and fun as possible. Molly took care of a lot of the technology aspect, while Margaret and I stuck to making up small scripts and brainstorming segment ideas. We all worked together on everything and really made it a fun time. It almost makes me wanna go into broadcasting! Overall, our radio show, E.N.G. 30.7, is AWESOME! Everyone should take a listen and enjoy our futuristic fun! (Click any “E.N.G 30.7” to listen!!!)


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