Professor Joe Martin’s Tip to Teachers!

Professor Joe Martin's Tip to Teachers!

Professor, writer, award winning national speaker and education consultant, Joe Martin, wrote this article, “Be A Pro-Change Teacher” to help teachers open their minds. (Click picture for full article). His advice to all teachers is to not have “change-phobia”. The fear of change limits a child’s learning abilities. He suggests a writing project with your students called “Teacher for a Day”. With this project students start off their paper with “If I were a teacher for the day this is what I would do to make our classroom more fun and educational”, then the child can write in paragraph form, list form, or how every they are most comfortable expressing their ideas. Being open minded to these ideas may help increase the effectiveness of your children’s learning!


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February 18, 2013 · 9:08 pm

One response to “Professor Joe Martin’s Tip to Teachers!

  1. “Change-phobia”, what a great way to describe what most people have! I think that Joe Martin has one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard for teachers and for students. Students, especially young students, will be very excited for “Teacher for a Day”. It shows that the teachers actually care about the students opinions! You never know, teachers could get some good ideas from students; who knows them and how they learn better than themselves?! Thanks for sharing!

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